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Vision Video Storybook Series #1

These six delightfully illustrated short stories of seven to ten minutes each teach children Christian truths in a gentle and understandable way. Each story has a key teaching point. At the end of the story, the presenter develops the theme and links it to the teaching of Jesus or the Apostle Paul in a relaxed and easy manner. Ideal for children between the ages of five and nine, STORYBOOK's delightful settings, charming illustrations and warm style of presentation will captivate a young audience and lay valuable groundwork on which parents and teachers can build. Useful for home, school, or church.
  • 1. The Old Dragon (Rules)
  • 2. Moonlight (Sharing our gifts)
  • 3. Beetle (Looking on the inside)
  • 4. The Bells (What we're made for)
  • 5. Lanterns (Shining out)
  • 6. Teamwork (Sharing the load)
Run time: 50 minutes.
Customer Reviews for Storybook Series #1
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