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Continuum International The Shift to Modernity

The Shift to Modernity adds one more voice to the growing chorus of opinion that the theologies of Friedrich Schleiermacher and Karl Barth may have far more in common than Barth's insistent assertions or the partisans of either theologian would lead one to believe. While there can be no easy reconciliation of the differences which do in fact exist between these two figures, Sherman argues that these differences do not always stem from irreconcilable starting points. In doing so, he investigates each respective theologian's doctrine of Creation.

Sherman asserts that both Barth and Schleiermacher take a Christological orientation to the doctrine of Creation. Approaching their theologies in this fashion allows them to solve the problem of maintaining dogmatic coherence and continuity with the Church's historic confessions while also meeting certain modern, external intellectual demands confronting those systems. To put it more sharply, Sherman claims that each uses Christ as the hermeneutical key for interpreting Creation, and that each does so in an effort to remain true to the faith handed down from the past while maintaining intellectual integrity in the present. This underlying connection perceptible in both Barth's and Schleiermacher's work forges one continuity between them and suggests that there may be certain fundamental similarities in their respective theologies in spite of other well-known differences.

Customer Reviews for The Shift to Modernity
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