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Bogard Press Lesson and Music DVD

Welcome to our exciting adventure with Tommy and Annie. Every summer, their Grandpa sends them off on an adventure. This year, Grandpa is sending Tommie and Annie to a Brittish Renaissance Camp to learn about castles, royalty and knights! The DVD Contains: Lesson Videos, Music Videos, Sing-A-Long Videos and Promotional Videos. (*Note the Music DVD is also sold separately.)

The Lesson Videos contain: Off to a Castle, Good Team, Bad Team, The Joust, Need for a Hero, The Quest, Lesson in Chivalry, and A Week as a Knight. The Music Videos and Sing-A-Long Videos contain all The Mighty God VBS songs: The Great God, Jesus-God's Perfect Lamb, God Loves, God Leads His Children, Yes, Lord, and The Mighty God. Music videos feature ag roup of children singing each song with hand motions while lyrics appear at the bottom of the screen.

Sing-A-Long videos include all worship songs for The Mighty God with lyrics in large font for all to follow the words. Finally, Promotional Videos include an Overview, Volunteer and Thank You video. *One is included in the Starter Kit.

*Note* The Lesson Videos section has 7 lesson segments. The first segment is an introduction to the program that could be use as part of the opening assembly. The 5 middle segments are the actual lessons. The final segment is the week in review, which could be used for a closing program or final assembly.

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