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Questar Video Journey Toward Creation DVD

Strap on your space helmet and embark on a journey you'll never forget---past stars, galaxies, and quasars. You'll be amazed at the astronomical evidence for a universe that is meticulously fine-tuned for the benefit of human life! This fascinating documentary shows how discoveries in the last 10 years make an ever more convincing case for a Creator. 100 minutes.
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Customer Reviews for Journey Toward Creation DVD
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Date:October 2, 2007
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Diann Siler
Physics class bore you in grades K-5, make you drowsy as a middle and high schooler, put you to sleep in college? Watch this riveting documentary and discover a delight for science you never dreamed possible!"Journey Toward Creation" combines stunning, recent graphic images of our cosmos with cutting edge scientific data - all from advanced telescopes and probes - to superbly demonstrate life as such an astronomical improbability that not only should one consider the beginning of life miraculous, one must conclude that life has a Creator - an intelligent, awe-inspiring, purposeful, loving Creator - if one is intellectually honest about the data presented. For those who believe in a literal six-day creation, as I do, be prepared: in "Journey Toward Creation" our host, astronomer Dr. Hugh Ross, speaks of creation as taking at least 5 billion years. Please do not let this keep you from watching this astonishing documentary. Bonus video: Dr. Ross and Greg Koukl of Stand to Reason analyze creation accounts of major religious world-views, comparing their content alongside scientific facts. A gem of a discussion, well worth viewing.
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