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Customer Reviews for Baker Academic History of Biblical Interpretation: A Reader

Baker Academic History of Biblical Interpretation: A Reader

Begining with Jewish and Christian interpretation (C.150 BCE) and moving to the present, History of Biblical Interpretation explores major developments and principal approaches to interpreting the Bible as they were expressed by preeminent hermeneuticians throughout history. Thirty-four primary-source chapters survey the most significant methods while also providing introductions to the context of the original document authors.

Whether used as a textbook or in individual study, this excellent introduction to the history of biblical interpretation will open new doors for students of the Bible, theology, and church history.

History of Biblical Interpretation provides treatments from a very diverse group of writings and scholars, both classical and contemporary and include:

  • The Letter Aristeas
  • Philo
  • Justin Martyr
  • Tyconius
  • Augustine
  • Theodore of Mopsuestia
  • Theodoret of Cyrus
  • Gregory the Great
  • Thomas Aquinas
  • Nicholas of Lyra
  • Mekitta of Rabbi Ishmael
  • The Talmud
  • Rashi
  • Ramban
  • Yalqut Shim'oni
  • Sa'adia ben Joseph
  • Critici sacri
  • John Calvin
  • Benedict Spinoza
  • Moses Mendelssohn
  • David Friedrich Stauss
  • Hermann Gunkel
  • Rudolph Bultmann
  • William F. Albright
  • Langdon Gilkey
  • Christian Hartlich
  • Brevard Childs
  • David Steinmetz
  • Jon Levenson
  • Walter Wink
  • Phyllis Trible
  • Edgar McKnight
  • Elisabeth Fiorenza
  • Dale Patrick
  • Fernando Segovia
Customer Reviews for History of Biblical Interpretation: A Reader
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