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Focus Publishing Incorporated The Gift

Japeth's father is preparing to leave on a long journey, and Japeth makes a request common to many children in a similar circumstance: "Father, will you bring me something? A gift?"

But Japeth's father, who is one of the Magi leaving home to fallow a special star, is amused and responds, "Oh, this time I am taking a gift to another child."

As Japeth marks the long days of his father's absence, he finds that his feelings of loneliness have turned to jealousy. He point of view changes when he encounters King Herod's soldiers along the road. They are searching for the Wise Men who failed to report back to the king with the whereabouts of the baby Jesus. Japeth realizes the potential danger in his father's mission.

Japeth's brave response turns the soldiers away, and he learns the greatest lesson in history when his father arrives home safely and tells him about The Gift. This periscope view of the Christmas story from the perspective of a wise man and his son, illustrates the meaning of epiphany--the revelation of God to the Gentile world. Recommended for ages 8 and up.

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