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Carpenters Son Publishing Mosaic Me

Lindy Lou is wondering why the girl she sees in the mirror doesn't look like the movie stars she watches on TV.Lindy Lou is a darling girl, who loves to sing, dance and play dress up, but she finds herself wondering why she looks so different. Where did she get this crazy, red, curly hair? Why does she have freckles? Who gave her this dimple and why is her pinky crooked? She goes to ask her mother, then her dad and grandma, too.Enjoy this charming tale as Lindy begins to understand that God is the painter painting her and her history is her reflection. Lindy realizes that she is a beautiful collection of pieces, each one passed on from someone in her family. God has placed those pieces together to make her just as He wants her to be; a perfectly put together mosaic work of art. Is there anything better than being your own Mosaic Me?
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