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WinePress Publishing Wisdom for Today's Decisions

What does it really mean to walk with God? What is the difference between moral wisdom and mental intelligence? How shall we apply our values and beliefs in making discerning judgements? If God is a God of love, why are we instructed to fear Him? For centuries, the ancient book of Proverbs has served as a decision making aid to those who truly seek the knowledge offered within this great and inspired book. Those who have read it and applied it have discovered its secrets. Proverbs is more than an aid in making decisions, it offers a pathway that is nothing less than life changing. The book of Deuteronomy instructs us to love God and to love men. The book of Proverbs tells us how to do this. No matter what age, status, level of education or maturity, the book of Proverbs has something for each of us to learn and apply. By using Proverbs as a primary source, Wisdom for Today's Decisions challenges you to apply God's principles to every aspect of life. We CAN make confident, practical, and spiritually wise decisions. When it comes to living a godly life, moral wisdom trumps mental intelligence. Come and explore biblical answers to the issues, problems, and complexities of daily living.
Customer Reviews for Wisdom for Today's Decisions
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