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Winepress Publishing Gog's Revenge

Gog's Revenge is the final book in author Ted Duncan's breathtaking end times trilogy. It builds on the foundation established in A Snowball's Chance and picks up where Aaron's Rod left off. Some of the exciting themes dealt with in this book are:
  • The devestating final months of the Great Tribulation
  • The gathering of the nations to the Battle of Armageddon
  • The coming of the Lord Jesus Christ in power and glory
  • The judgment of the nations and the re-gathering of Israel
  • The Russian-led rebellion and the Battle of God and Magog
  • The culmination of all things as the millennium begins
    Aaron Muller, the beleaguered leader of the chosen 144,000 witnesses, struggles to protect and support God's people and his own loved ones in the Los Angeles area during the final months of the trubulation. He is whisked away to Jerusalem to join his comrades in the cataclysmic Battle of Armageddon against the devil's antichrist and his allies. Will his sweetheart and family survive to enter the millennium, or will his hopes be dashed during the final rebellion led by Gog, the powerful Russian despot, who is bent on destroying God's people and plundering their land? The answer to these and other questions are found in the fast-paced novel. You won't be able to put it down until you've reached its thrilling conclusion. '
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