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Customer Reviews for Baker Created for Community, 2nd Edition

Baker Created for Community, 2nd Edition

"Contrary to what certain Christians suggest, there are no 'simple believers' who remain 'untainted' by theology . . . Each of us is a theologian, just as God intended. Consequently, the question is not 'will we be theologians?' but 'will we be good theologians?'" writes Stan Grenz.

Capturing this spirit, he has produced an introductory systematic theology text. With a passion for communicating to today's postmodern generation, Grenz uses the resources of the biblical message, the heritage of the church, and the thought forms of our culture as tools to construct a helpful theology that is biblical, historical, and contemporary. With the goal of offering a systematic statement of the faith in a manner that can speak to contemporary culture, he centers his reflections around the concept of community. This focus encapsulates the biblical message, stands at the heart of the church's theological heritage, and speaks to the needs of people in the world today. Created for Community speaks to today's generation through helpful visuals, cartoon illustrations, and sidebar commentaries. Read and see how it "connects Christian belief with Christian living."

Customer Reviews for Created for Community, 2nd Edition
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