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Cerebellum Corporation Algebra 7 DVD Super Pack

Are your students lost in a sea of variables and properties? Do they need help solving for X? This series will help guide your students through algebraic problems and linear equations using plenty of visual examples. The DVD Super Pack contains Modules 1 through 7.

Module 1: The Basics
Topics covered: Function; equation; inequality; term; constant; variable; monomials, binomials, trinomials & polynomials. (26 mins)

Module 2: Functions
Topics covered: Function, vertical line test, inverting the graph, reflection, identity properties, commutative properties, associative properties, inverse properties, closure properties, distributive properties. (26 mins)

Module 3: Linear Equations
Topics covered: Linear equation, slope intercept, slope, equation of a line, point-slope formula, root of a function. (26 mins)

Module 4: Quadratic Equations
Topics covered: Quadratic equation, linear equation, squares & square roots, perfect square, FOIL, standard quadratic form, parabola, axis of symmetry. (26 mins)

Module 5: Quadratic Roots
Topics covered: Factoring quadratic equations, reverse FOIL, method, factors, roots, factor patterns, vertex. (26 mins)

Module 6: The Quadratic Formula
Topics covered: Quadratic formula, discriminant, real numbers, imaginary numbers, complex numbers, equation to determine the position of a falling object in relation to time. (26 mins)

Module 7: Polynomials
Topics covered: Polynomials, standard form, leading coefficient, constant term, factor, quotient, even & odd degrees. (26 mins)

Grade Level: 7-12. 182 minutes.
Customer Reviews for Algebra 7 DVD Super Pack
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