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Customer Reviews for Cerebellum Corporation Physics 9 DVD Pack

Cerebellum Corporation Physics 9 DVD Pack

Cerebellum is pleased to offer teachers and home-schoolers the complete Teaching System for Physics. The award-winning Teaching System is designed to capture your students' attention and make your presentation of the critical concepts of Physics come alive!

Physics is one of the three basic natural sciences. It's considered one of the most fun topics but can intimidate both teachers and students. By concentrating on the key concepts and presenting the material in an intriguing manner, Physics students are able to gain confidence in themselves and their ability to master this important science. Teachers can present the topic with a minimum of self-study and in fact can learn with the student if necessary. Home-school instructors lacking a natural science background can feel confident in the accuracy and thoroughness of the Teaching Systems Physics materials. Likewise, home-schooled students, who might not have access to the Physics laboratory, can benefit from a visual learning experience beyond the textbook.

The Physics Teaching System is a stand alone system or can supplement your own teaching materials. The system consists of:

Nine modules of DVD video content:
Over 3 hours of high quality DVD recordings
Clear presentations of concepts, formulas and how to solve problems
Lively, quick-moving and entertaining
Recorded on nine separate DVDs to make playback easy over
QuikNotes our own format for class notes
One set per module, i.e. Nine sets of QuikNotes
Use for lecture reference
Includes worked example problems
Distribute for student use as study guides
Use for creation of additional quizzes and/or tests
Provided by CD, always a fresh copy, original is safe
QuikCheck problem and answer set
Questions cover entire module
Use for homework
Use for in-class use
Use for test
Use as reference to create your own test materials
Typically includes true/false, fill in the blank, and word problems
Provided by CD, always a fresh copy, original is safe

The nine modules of the Teaching System for Physics are:

Module 1: The Basics
Scientific notation
Units of measure
Vector addition
Trigonometric functions; sine, cosine, tangent

Module 2: Vectors and Velocity
Vector multiplication: dot-product, cross-product
One-dimensional kinematics
Displacement and velocity

Module 3: Kinematics
Two-Dimentional kinematics
Projectile motion in a gravitational field
Uniform circular motion

Module 4: Circular Motion and Momentum
Accelerated circular motion
Rotational motion
Angular velocity
Linear and angular momentum

Module 5: The Three Laws of Motion
Newton's laws of motion
Force, mass, and inertia
Conservation of energy
Opposing and equal forces
Static and kinetic friction

Module 6: Work and Energy
Kinetic and potential energy
Work-kinetic energy principle
Law of universal gravitation

Module 7: Planetary Motion and Harmonic Motion
Harmonic motion
Amplitude and frequency
Hooke's spring law
Kepler's planetary motion laws

Module 8: Heat
Heat is energy
Heat capacity
Latent heats of fusion and vaporization
Phase changes

Module 9: Thermodynamics
Three laws of thermodynamics
Internal energy
Work processes, isovolumentric, isobaric, and adiabatic
Heat engines

Grade Level: 11-12. 234 minutes. 9 DVDs + CD-Rom Guide.
Customer Reviews for Physics 9 DVD Pack
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