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Customer Reviews for Cerebellum Corporation Geology 7 DVD Super Pack

Cerebellum Corporation Geology 7 DVD Super Pack

The Super Pack contains Modules 1 through 6 plus companion CD-ROM:

Module 1: The Basics
The Standard Deviants take a close look at the planet Earth. We'll examine the history of the Earth, cool geologic principles, and the secret lives of rocks.

Module 2: Minerals
The Standard Deviants explore minerals. You'll learn all the basics, starting with that burning question: "What is a mineral?" Then you'll find out about magma and intrusive rocks. You'll learn about igneous rocks, plutons and magma, magma, MAGMA!

Module 3: Volcanoes and Erosion
The Standard Deviants explore volcanoes and what causes them to erupt. We'll discuss lava, pyroclastic materials, and the infamous Ring of Fire. Then it's time for weathering and erosion, including the different types of physical weathering processes, like frost wedging, exfoliation and thermal expansion, and the thrills and chills of chemical weathering.

Module 4: Sedimentary & Metamorphic Rocks
Grab your air guitar and get ready to jam, because the Standard Deviants explore two different kinds of rock. First, sedimentary rock-how it's formed and what it's made of. We'll even look at different kinds of sedimentary rock. Then we'll see where metamorphic rock comes from.

Module 5: Plate Tectonics
Ever feel like you're on shaky ground? Have you ever wondered where mountains come from? The Standard Deviants explore the crash and crunch factors that build mountains and keep things shaking. You'll learn about seismic waves, plate tectonics, continental drift, and much, much more.

Module 6: Water In Geology
Why do some rivers run straight while others twist and bend? What causes ocean waves? What is a glacier made of? Dive in with the Standard Deviants as we discuss the role of water in geology.

Geology Companion CD
Transform your Standard Deviants School video programs into complete lessons with this supplementary CD-ROM! Each disc contains everything you need to present and reinforce the material covered in the DVD/video modules, including a Teacher's Guide with helpful presentation notes, a Program Guide that lists the most important topics in each program, illustrated QuikNotes with definitions and examples, and a quiz. Also usable with the Standard Deviants videos. Easy-to-access text files in PDF format. Mac and PC compatible.

Grade level: 8 - 12. 156 minutes.
Customer Reviews for Geology 7 DVD Super Pack
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