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Customer Reviews for Cerebellum Corporation The Election Process in America DVD

Cerebellum Corporation The Election Process in America DVD

The right to vote is our single most important right as American citizens, and yet, many Americans fail to exercise this valuable right. Many feel their vote doesn't count, but this enlightening DVD points out why we should take the franchise, our right to vote, very seriously.

This DVD Explains:
Dynamic of the Electoral College; Electing our Government officials; Concepts and terms like suffrage, disfranchisement, lobbyist and political action committees; Explores ways to get more involved in the workings of our government.

Several subject matter experts from Princeton, UCLA and the United States NavalAcademy help explain the issues. Many American lives have been lost in wars defending our democracy, and our right to govern ourselves as we see fit. The election process is the means by which we do that.

Customer Reviews for The Election Process in America DVD
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