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Customer Reviews for Eikon Bible Art Legends of the Faith: Jesus Saves

Eikon Bible Art Legends of the Faith: Jesus Saves

This product is specifically Designed for the Sunday School teacher, this product provides stunningly lifelike still images portraying Biblical scenes with a reality that is sure to pique the interest of children and help them visualize the narrative
For convenience the images are provided in two distinct formats:
  1. DVD video format—for use with DVD players
  2. Powerpoint format (DVD-ROM)—for laptops and projectors or smartboards. You can customize the Powerpoint format.
Disk also contains printable activity packs in PDF format. These are designed to be printed and distributed to children to give them a story related activity after the lesson, these contain a coloring sheet, puzzle page and memory verse.

On this DVD-ROM:

This story contains stunningly realistic graphics portraying the Lord Jesus literally walking on water. Later Peter asks “Lord, if it is you, command me to come out to you on the water”. And so, Peter also walks on water. However, as he takes his eyes off the Lord and notices the wind and the waves he suddenly begins to sink. In desperation he cries out, “Lord save me!” Immediately he feels the strength the Lord’s arm holding him. The drama of this story is convincingly portrayed through wonderful graphics that will pique the interest of the young.

Another story where a man is saved by the Lord Jesus by a direct intervention in his life. Zacchaeus the vertically challenged, greedy and no doubt despised tax collector has heard much about the Lord Jesus. One day the Lord was passing through his town - Jericho, and the his curiosity was just too great to stay at home counting his shekels. Instead he comes just to catch a look at the Lord Jesus, but because he was so physically short, he cannot see over the crowds that are lining the road. Ingeniously he runs ahead and climbs a tree to get a good view. However, you can imagine his shock when the Lord Jesus who “knew all things” comes right over to the tree and invites himself to Zacchaeus’ house for supper! Zacchaeus’ life was changed and his soul was saved through this encounter. The change would be evidenced to all as he returned fourfold all goods he had extorted from the people of Jericho.

This interesting encounter between a Rabbi and member of the Sanhedrin - Nicodemus and the Lord Jesus is visually portrayed in this Bible Story lesson. Nicodemus’ wealth and status are convincingly portrayed in the rich garb he wears and can be seen in exquisite detail in this story. This is a night scene, Nicodemus presumably came at night so as not to draw attention to his visit to Jesus. He is convinced that no man can do these miracles except God be with him. As the Lord Jesus explains to Nicodemus about the serpent upon a pole incident in the wilderness, so the Lord explains that the Son of Man would be lifted up. This wonderful incident recorded by John is the setting that gives rise to the most famous verse in the Bible: John 3v16.
Customer Reviews for Legends of the Faith: Jesus Saves
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