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Customer Reviews for Cerebellum Corporation The Birds & the Bees DVD

Cerebellum Corporation The Birds & the Bees DVD

Takes young viewers on exciting excursions into the wondrous worlds of science and nature.

Fast-paced, entertaining and enlightening series that makes everything, from apes to future travel to bird-eating spiders, definitely COOL! Captivating content for elementary-aged students to learn about the world and beyond, all in the classroom!

The Nature Series features the functions and reactions of the human body, the effects of food, and the most interesting creatures and their habits, including the world's most endangered species.

The Birds & The Bees!
Nature's cycle of life involves an amazing variety of sexual reproduction techniques. In human reproduction, the male sperm, 1/50,000th the size of the ovum, determines the baby's gender. Plants secrete nectar at specific times of day so that insects will spread pollen to other flowers of the same species. The female seahorse lays her eggs in the pouch of the male, where they are fertilized and nourished until birth. Sharks, unlike most other fish, actually copulate, and give birth to fully formed live young. Learn about the wildly diverse reproduction methods and cycles in plants, insects and animals, including its social importance in the wild.

(NOTE: Footage of copulating chimpanzees is shown).

Grade Level: 2-6. 23 minutes.
Customer Reviews for The Birds & the Bees DVD
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