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Customer Reviews for Cerebellum Corporation Lesson Booster Got Empathy? DVD

Cerebellum Corporation Lesson Booster Got Empathy? DVD

Children will learn to understand the meaning of empathy and its importance in these 4 programs. Copyright 2010.

Got Empathy? Do Something

How do you show empathy? How do you show you care? Students learn that empathy is more than a feeling and that true empathy comes from our actions.

Got Empathy? It's a Choice

Students learn that true empathy is when you are willing and able to put someone else's feelings and needs over your own.

Got Empathy? Show It

In this segment students learn ways in which empathy can be demonstrated and realized in a variety of different situations.

Got Empathy? What is it?

Children need help in understanding what empathy is and why it's important. In this segment students will learn how to identify empathy when they see it. The main message is before you say or do something that might hurt someone else.imagine being that person and think about how you would feel.

Grades 4-7. 13 minutes.
Customer Reviews for Lesson Booster Got Empathy? DVD
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