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Lifeway Snack Rotation Recipe Cards

Amazing Wonders Aviation: Encountering God's Awesome Power - Snack Rotation Recipe Cards provide all the snack ideas you need for VBS in one convenient place! Includes preschool-friendly snacks, fun snacks kids can help make (Kid Step Snacks), creative snacks you can prepare ahead of time (Leader Prep Snacks), and quick, pre-packaged suggestions you can find at your local grocery.Kid Step Snacks:Petite Paricutin Sandwiches (preschool friendly) Grand Canyon Parfaits Matterhorn Strawberry Peaks High Flying Banana Planes (preschool friendly) Great Barrier Reef Kabobs Moonbows Over the Falls (preschool friendly) Sparkling Aurora Borealis Cookies Colorful Fish Cupcakes (preschool friendly) Lava, Lava SlushyLeader Prep Snacks:Aviator Pops Paricutin Pancakes (preschool friendly) Coral Reef Sticks (preschool friendly) Frosty Matterhorn Peaks (preschool friendly) Victoria Falls in a Cup (preschool friendly) Northern Lights Cookies Cheesy Canyon Pockets AWA Citrus QuencherStore-bought Snacks: Choose from 15, pre-packaged snack ideas you can find in your local grocery. Dinner Options:Day 1: Runway Potato Bar, High Flying Fruit Salad, and Barrel Roll Cinnamon Buns Day 2: Aviator Burgers, Fuselage Fries, and Boeing Brownies Day 3: Barrier Reef Popcorn Shrimp, Grand Canyon Cole Slaw, and Matterhorn Sundaes Day 4: Northern Lights Polar Dogs, Victoria Falls Watermelon Slices, and Paricutin Pudding Cups Day 5: Dive Roll Dippers, Aviation Applesauce, and Cargo Cookies
Customer Reviews for Snack Rotation Recipe Cards
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