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Customer Reviews for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries The Lord Is My Light, 2 CDs

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries The Lord Is My Light, 2 CDs

The Lord Is My Light was the theme of the RZIM Zacharias Trust Summer School in 2005. One hundred people had a rare opportunity to spend seven days of in-depth teaching in apologetics and spiritual disciplines. The Summer School afforded a chance to discover the depths of Christian response to a world of confusion and to be equipped to effectively engage with culture.

CD1: The Lord Is My Light and Salvation
by Michael Ramsden

"Where in the Scripture does it say that faith is a leap into the dark?" asks Michael Ramsden. With his trademark wit and poignancy, Michael delivers an apologetic message asking, "Do you know Jesus?" We spend time thinking about him, but do we really know him. Because through him we see all there is to be seen. Apologetics is not speculation, rather knowing who God is. And to know him makes faith possible.

CD2: The Loss of Truth and the Proposal for Its Recovery
by Ravi Zacharias

"In the gradual burial of truth in our culture we have paid a heavy price," says Ravi Zacharias. In this message delivered at the RZIM Summer School, he defines a culture, maps the changes over the last decades, and presents a persuasive proposal for the recovery of truth. "The longer I'm in this," he concludes, "the more I see how the Cross of Jesus is the most unique message anywhere in the world." Ravi ends the message in a compelling charge to go and be salt and light to a world that thinks, feels, and imagines bringing a marvelous message of reason, passion, and demonstration.
Customer Reviews for The Lord Is My Light, 2 CDs
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