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Farrar Straus Giroux Man is Not Alone

Since Dr. Heschel's death in 1972, interest in his work has been growing rapidly. MAN IS NOT ALONE and its companion volume, GOD IN SEARCH OF MAN, two of his most important books, have become classics of modern Jewish theology. MAN IS NOT ALONE is a profound, beautifully written examination of the ingredients of piety: how man senses God's presence, explores it, accepts it, and builds life upon it. It is a major theological work, which led Reinhold Niebuhr accurately to predict that Heschel would "become a commanding and authoritative voice not only in the Jewish community but in the religious life of America." Contents include: I. THE PROBLEM OF GOD The Sense of the Ineffable Radical Amazement The World is an Allusion To Be is to Stand For Knowledge by Appreciation A Question Beyond Words The God of Philosophers The Ultimate Question In the Presence of God Doubts Faith What do we mean by the Divine? One God God is the Subject The Divine Concern The Hiding God Beyond Faith II.THE PROBLEM OF LIVING The Problem of Needs The Meaning of Existence The Essence of Man The Problem of Ends What is Religion? A Definition of Jewish Religion The Great Yearning A Pattern for Living The Pious Man Abraham Joshua Heschel was, until his death in 1972, Professor of Ethics and Mysticism at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America in New York City. He was also a leader in the American civil rights movement.
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