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Customer Reviews for Joyful Life, Inc. Elijah & Elisha Adult Bible Study Teacher Guide

Joyful Life, Inc. Elijah & Elisha Adult Bible Study Teacher Guide

Many spiritual lessons are interwoven in the lives of the 2 OT prophets, the kings, and others they interacted with. Elijah, a bold, fiery prophet rebuked Israel's sin of idolatry and asked God to withhold the rain. On Mt. Carmel, he called fire from heaven which proved Israel's God supreme over the idol Baal. After Jezebel threatened Elijah's life, he went into deep depression, but God dramatically reassured his faith. Elijah's dynamic ministry ended when he was caught up in a chariot of fire and went to heaven without dying.

Though Elisha did twice as many miracles as Elijah, his ministry was more calm. While rebuking wicked kings, he also helped those in need - such as Naaman, who after dipping 7 times in the Jordan river, was healed of leprosy. This study increases faith in God and His work in our lives today.

The Adult Teacher Guide provides the complete lesson text for each session including teacher preparation, teaching visuals needed, lesson objectives, headers througout the lesson pages for quick memory assists, a key verse visual, plus numerous teaching tips. 13 Lessons.

Customer Reviews for Elijah & Elisha Adult Bible Study Teacher Guide
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