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Customer Reviews for Bay Forest The Trial of Alex Lord

Bay Forest The Trial of Alex Lord

Alex Lord has just turned 30 and has everything an ambitious young lawyer could want - rising star at the largest law firm in town, a BMW, a beautiful home, and a trophy wife. The relentless demands of his job are straining his marriage and his competitive relationship with his childhood friend and co-worker, but he's sure it will all work out once his big trial is over. In the midst of this, one of the partners assigns Alex the responsibility of getting rid of a "nuisance lawsuit" brought against the firm by a feeble old man. After a confrontation with the old man, Alex's life begins to unravel. The elderly man files a criminal charge against him, along with scores of civil suits. The partners are getting nasty about having the suit settled, his marriage is unraveling, he is getting threatening calls, someone is vandalizing his home, and his briefcase is stolen, causing him to miss an important court date. But an angry confrontation with the old man opens Alex's eyes and he embarks on a new mission for justice, to salvage his marriage, and find his soul.
Customer Reviews for The Trial of Alex Lord
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