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Customer Reviews for Inc MPH Science International Edition Textbook 1A Inc MPH Science International Edition Textbook 1A

In the Singapore MPH Science Student Textbook, brightly colored chapters are highly engaging, with interesting facts and questions to think about in the margin. A word bank and "Teaching points" that give the main lesson objective are provided at the beginning of the lesson. The main portion of the lesson provides simple explanations of concepts based upon the photos or illustrations.

My Pals are Here Science 1A covers the parts of the body; the five senses; caring for the body; people and animals; plants; and "things around me." These units cross themes of systems, interactions, cycles, and diversity. This book covers the first semester of Grade 1. 104 pages, softcover.

This new "International Edition" of Singapore My Pals are Here science curriculum is now arranged by grade level, rather than the "cycles" in the Singapore Primary Editions; elements of each "cycle" are now included in each text, some additional topics have been added, and concepts have been re-arranged to better fit within the first-and-second semester model. Unlike other series that have been revised, the International edition retains metric measurements as well as items, terms, and spellings that may be unfamiliar to US audiences.

This series follows a pathway of visual lessons & guided discovery, simultaneous development of concept knowledge and process skills, and the consolidation of understanding through scaffolded instruction. Based on the "5E Instructional Model" (Engagement, Exploration, Explanation, Elaboration, and Evaluation), students will develop their scientific thinking skills through a variety of learning channels.

Customer Reviews for MPH Science International Edition Textbook 1A
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