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Singapore Math Home Instructor Guides were created specifically to give homeschoolers' a teacher's guide that works in an individualized environment. Work on explaining concepts as you bridge the gap between the textbook and workbook with unit concepts, pages to reference, numerous reinforcement and practice exercises and detailed solutions laid out step-by-step. Suggestion-only timeframes for each unit are included, though not organized by "daily lesson", allowing the parent to determine how much time to spend on a particular concept. This Home Instructor's guide may be used for either the 3rd Edition or Primary Math Textbook 4B U.S. Edition. 142 pages, spiralbound softcover.

This guide contains:

  • Notes to the instructor with some mathematical background for each section in the textbook
  • Objective of each lesson
  • Teaching activities using manipulatives
  • Reinforcement activities which often include a game
  • Answers to corresponding textbook pages and learning tasks for the lesson
  • Answers to the corresponding workbook exercises

    The "Manipulatives" section on page vii of this Home Instructor's Guide refers to an appendix. However, the pages for this appendix were inadvertently left out; a link is provided to access the manipulatives section on Singapore Math's website.

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    Customer Reviews for Singapore Math Primary Math Home Instructor's Guide 4B
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    5 out of 5

    Date:October 3, 2008
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    Melissa Neff
    I am using Singapore Math - Primary Math US Edition 4B (Textbook, Workbook & Home Educator's Manual). I am a first-time homeschooler. We started with Saxon 5/4 but switched to Singapore 3 weeks into 5th grade. We are liking Singapore Math very much. As a side note, my daughter has mild autism. The problems in the Singapore workbook are easy to see and spaced far enough apart on the page that there is room to show her work and it is not visually cluttered - a plus for kids with learning disabilities! There are also lots of easy to understand visual aids and cartoonish pictures that make learning math fun, and that make it easier for a child with reading comprehension issues to 'get it'. (One of our probelms with the cluttered & less-illustrated pages of the Saxon textbook.)Singapore doesn't offer enough drill in my opinion. I also bought Two-Minute Math Drills (Multiplication/Division & Decimals/Fractions)to supplement my daughter's home-school math curriculum after switching to SM - a big time-saver for me. (I tried typing a few problems on the computer an quickly discovered I didn't have all the right symbols for math problems.) Singapore also offers Intensive Practice supplements which I plan to look into, but haven't yet. I like the fact that you can buy Singapore a semester at a time, which helps spread out the cost for those of us on a budget, and also allows you to start your child in the middle of a grade level if needed. Use Singapore's placement tests to determine this.I am glad that I got the Home Educator's Manual. I am good at math, but not a natural teacher. The manual is well-organized and helpful. Anyhow, Singapore is designed for more parent involvement and direct teaching than Saxon(unless you have a kid that is truly a self-teching-schoolworkaholic), but We are having fun with it and she seems to be 'getting it'.
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