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Customer Reviews for Oxford University Press Oxford Handbook of Eschatology

Oxford University Press Oxford Handbook of Eschatology

Christian eschatology is just one of many eschatologies existing in the religious sphere, and the Oxford Handbook of Eschatology covers many of them in essay-length chapters by dozens of contributors. Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Protestant variations on the last things are expounded in individual entries, along with chapters on Fundamentalist and Pentecostal/Charismatic iterations as well. Each chapter includes a comprehensive bibliography, and an extensive index appends the volume.

Christian eschatology gets prime treatment here, with many denominational particulars and viewpoints addressed in depth. The roots of Christian eschatology are examined through Hebrew apocalypticism in ancient Israel and the ancient world. End times theologies of the major world religions are examined by experts as well as overviews of new religious movements, process theology, feminist theology and more as they treat eschatological themes.

The second half of this compilation deals with theological, philosophical and cultural issues in eschatology, ranging from millennialist perspectives and universalism to cosmological, chronological and epistemological aspects of end-times prophecy. Ecumenical in its scope, Oxford Handbook of Eschatology should serve as a standard reference for years to come.
Customer Reviews for Oxford Handbook of Eschatology
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