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Customer Reviews for Cambridge University Press The Cambridge Companion to C.S. Lewis

Cambridge University Press The Cambridge Companion to C.S. Lewis

A distinguished academic, influential Christian apologist, and best-selling author of children's literature, C. S. Lewis is a controversial and enigmatic figure who continues to fascinate, fifty years after his death.

This Companion is the first comprehensive single-volume study written by an international team of scholars to survey Lewis's career as a literary historian, popular theologian, and creative writer.

Twenty-one expert voices from Oxford, Cambridge, Princeton, and Wheaton, among many other academic institutions, analyze Lewis's work from theological, philosophical, and literary perspectives. Some chapters consider his professional contribution to fields such as critical theory and intellectual history, while others assess his views on issues including moral knowledge, gender, prayer, war, love, suffering, and Scripture.

The final chapters investigate his work as a writer of fiction and poetry. Original in its approach and unique in its scope, this Companion shows that C. S. Lewis was much more than merely the man behind Narnia.


  • Robert MacSwain
  • John V. Fleming
  • Stephen Logan
  • Dennis Danielson
  • Mark Edwards
  • Kevin J. Vanhoozer
  • Paul S. Fiddes
  • Charles Taliaferro
  • Gilbert Meilaender
  • Joseph P. Cassidy
  • Caroline J. Simon
  • Ann Loades
  • Judith Wolfe
  • Stanley Hauerwas
  • Michael Ward
  • David Jasper
  • T. A. Shippey
  • Jerry L. Walls
  • Alan Jacobs
  • Peter J. Schakel
  • Malcolm Guite
Customer Reviews for The Cambridge Companion to C.S. Lewis
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