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Customer Reviews for Ignatius Press Chance or Purpose?: Creation, Evolution and a Rational Faith

Ignatius Press Chance or Purpose?: Creation, Evolution and a Rational Faith

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, recently a candidate for papal succession, offers his defense of theistic evolution in this elucidation of his 2005 New York Times editorial. While distinguishing the biological theory of evolution (change over time through chance) from the anti-Christian religio-humanistic movement ("evolutionism"), Cardinal Schönborn gives the Catholic understanding of origins by way of philosophy and through the lens of secular science. While tacitly calling creationism (biblical literalism) irrational, the Cardinal attempts to position theology, philosophy and science on the same level to create a palatable synthesis.
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Customer Reviews for Chance or Purpose?: Creation, Evolution and a Rational Faith
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Date:November 9, 2007
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Richard Woodhouse
This is a very good book on a very Timely subject. Science and Christian Belief. Cardinal Schonborn has that gift of making difficult subject matter easier to understand, while not distorting it by over simplification. A talent very rare and displayed to perfection by the great C.S. Lewis. Don't get me wrong there are a few places where I had to read the section over again, to fully get what He is driving at. He touches on many of the errors of both fundamentalism and Scientific Reductionism. Its these two Mindsets that set up the so called Warfare scenario between Science and Theistic Religion. Most important in my opinion was his chapter on Jesus Christ as the Creator. Many Christians shy away from really thinking this through. It is a scandalous thing that we who are orthodox in our Beliefs, believe that the man Jesus Christ is actually the Creator of the universe. Now I can't go into all of the fine points of Christology and the Person and nature of Jesus and the Logos. The reality that we call the person Jesus Christ is somehow the creator of everything and everything is going towards Him, as the goal of all reality. No small claim! Its amazing that the first Christians who were all devout Jews and strict monotheists were compelled to make such claims as we find in the New Testament. As I was reading this book I for some reason was prompted to read Soren Keierkegaard's Training in Christianity. He was very convincing in his emphasis on the paradox of what we believe. Though he in my opinion said that its above our Reason and not against it. There is a difference. I recommend this book by Cardinal Schonborn. I could not put it down. Thanks for listening to my opinions.
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