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Baker The Death of Truth

Postmodernism can be broken down into three beliefs - humans are just cogs in a social machine (not individuals created in the image of God), are not autonomous (simply products of their culture), and are never objective or rational (as 'reason' is perceived as relational). While for some this remains just the latest direction philosophy is directing culture, the spiritually astute recognize it as the latest coordinated effort in undermining biblical Christianity. This new belief system confronts scriptural truth on many fronts: by denying the validity of the Bible, denigrating the human condition and redefining Christian truths to fit the mold of a multi-cultural ecumenical spiritual message.

Dennis McCallum, lead pastor of Xenos Fellowship (an underground church planting movement in Ohio) brings together over a dozen articles (five written or co-written by McCallum) illuminating the parameters of postmodernism and informing the reader about how it relates to 21st century Christian reality. By clearly defining this new movement, McCallum gives us an important tool in understanding events, thinkers and concepts affecting our lives (and faith) today.
Customer Reviews for The Death of Truth
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