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Salvation is a vital encounter win which an individual surrenders his old sinful life and receives Christ's gift of eternal life. This personal religious experience has served as a keynote for such great Baptist theologians as A.H. Strong and E.Y. Mullins. W.T. Conner, pupil of both Strong and Mullins, lived and wrote in their great tradition. Loyal to the Bible and historic evangelism, his theology is based on timeless Christian truths. At the same time, its warm-hyearted and practical emphasis is specifially directed to the spitiual needs of people today.
This book is a popular, nontechnical presentation of the entire field of theology. It is a book for ministers and laymen alike who want to gain fresh understanding of Christian faith that will carry with it a challenge to better living and witnessing. Contents: Preface The Nature and Need of Christian Doctrines Man's Capacity for God Revelation The Person of Christ The Doctrine of God The Spirit of God The Trinity The Doctrine of Sin God's Purpose of Salvation The Saving Work of Christ Becoming a Christian, or, the Beginning of Salvation The Nature of the Christian Life The Church The Ordinances The Consummation of Salvation; the Coming of the Kingdom of God General Index Index of Scripture References
Customer Reviews for Christian Doctrine
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