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Customer Reviews for Vida 1 Corintios: From biblical text . . . to contemporary life - eBook

Vida 1 Corintios: From biblical text . . . to contemporary life - eBook

In 1 Corinthians [NIVAC] Craig Blomberg shows us that this important Pauline document combines a diverse array of theological insight, moral exhortation, and even philosophical articulations. But it also betrays a deep intimate relationship between Paul and the Corinthians, while also exposing the sins of this troubled church. Blomberg opens up the rich teaching 1 Corinthians provides and demonstrates that our world is not so far from the Corinthian world and in doing so finds a stockpile of life application.

About The NIVAC Series:

Most Bible commentaries take us on a one-way trip from the twentieth century to the first century, and along the way involve us in any number of valuable discussions. But sometimes, we feel like something has been left out. While we want to know the background of the biblical text, we also want help determining what it means for today.

The creators of the NIV Application Commentary series believe that if we remain in the ancient world and don't translate the Bible into our world, the task of biblical interpretation remains incomplete. Thus the NIVAC series provides both the historical-exegetical meaning of the text, while also providing a bridge from the ancient world to the Bible's relevance today.

Furthermore, the format of the NIVAC reflects its content by clearly denoting when it is discussing ancient context, the interpretive process that allows us to understand the text in our own setting, and when it is applying interpretations of the text to our daily life. This obvious nature of the format makes it exceptionally easy for the reader to know exactly where they are in the commentary itself, the interpretive process, as well as in the biblical book.

In addition to its unique reader friendly format, the NIVAC is directly pinned to the NIV translation of the Bible making it, once again, exceptionally easy for non-specialist readers to follow the thoughts and direction of the commentator. While authors will, at times, work with the original languages full descriptions about any such terminology are given in non-technical language. Moreover, each author fluidly translates complex elements and interpretive matters into language the average lay person can fully understand and easily apply.

Finally, the NIVAC series is highly recommended as a guide for Bible teachers of all kinds, and is an excellent resource for research, preaching, garnering theological understanding, advanced devotional reading, and life application.

Key Elements

  • Commentary Type: Non-Technical
  • General Persepctive: Main Stream Evangelical
  • Audience: Written by Scholars for Pastors, Students, & Laity
  • Scripture: Inspired
  • Theological Tradition: Mixed
  • Knowledge of Hebrew and/or Greek is not necessary for using this series.
Customer Reviews for 1 Corintios: From biblical text . . . to contemporary life - eBook
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