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Customer Reviews for Ankerberg theological What's the Big Deal About Jesus? - eBook

Ankerberg theological What's the Big Deal About Jesus? - eBook

Why is popular culture---in movies, books, and TV documentaries---expressing renewed interest in Jesus? And why, 2000 years after His death, does He continue to exert such enormous influence on our world?

Tragically, the search for answers has been made more difficult by the abundance of erroneous information coming from secular scholars and uninformed media sources. In this volume, Bible experts and researchers John Ankerberg and Dillon Burroughs (Middle East Meltdown: Oil, Israel, and the Religion Behind the Crisis) sort out fact from fiction and provide answers about history's most controversial figure---who Jesus really was, what He really taught, why He died on a cross, and the evidence for His resurrection and His claim to be the Lord and Savior of this world.

This is an ideal resource for Christians who want to be equipped to answer the tough questions others are asking about Jesus, as well as for non-Christians who are either skeptical or are on a serious quest for truth.

Customer Reviews for What's the Big Deal About Jesus? - eBook
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