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Q Place 1 John & James

1 JOHN & JAMES is a Bible Study which contains information on how to use the guide, an introduction to the First Epistle of John and the Epsitle of James, 15 discussion sessions, and a review of each Epistle. Each week's discussion contains a brief introduction of the chapter of the book covered, questions for group discussion, and a summary containing questions focused on application. The discussions include: A Survey of the Letter (JOHN), Life and Light, Love and Light, Warning and Encouragement, Death into Life, Error and Truth, Life in the Son, Certainty, A Survey of the Letter (JAMES), Temptation- Testing or Enticement, The Law of Liberty- The Royal Law, Living Faith, The Tongue- True Wisdom, Humility Before God, Warning and Encouragement. These guides are used by small groups meeting at work, in homes, in churches and schools. By using questions from the study guides people in these groups can share equally the responsibility of discussion leadership, producing a high level of participation and learning. FORMAT: DISCUSSION GUIDE AUDIENCE: GROUP BIBLE STUDY REPARATION: 30-60 MIN
Customer Reviews for 1 John & James
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