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Customer Reviews for Westminster John Knox Press Exodus and Leviticus for Everyone - eBook

Westminster John Knox Press Exodus and Leviticus for Everyone - eBook

At first glance, one might wonder why Goldingay would choose to cover to massive books of the Old Testament in one small volume. But the answer is more obvious than one might assume. Combining the two books allows Goldingay to focus on the entire story of Israel at Sinai, while also incorporating the cataclysmic events that allowed Israel to arrive at the peninsula.

In short, it allows Goldingay to trace and tell the story of Israel from Genesis to Kings coherently. In this third volume of the Old Testament for Everyone Series, Exodus and Leviticus Goldingay builds on the story of Israel as it began volumes 1 & 2 on Genesis.

As noted above the focus in this volume is on Israel at Sinai, how they arrived there (Ex. 1-18), and the institution of the covenant as they dwelled in the Sinai wilderness. (Ex. 19-40, Leviticus).

Reader's should keep in mind that Goldingay's intention is to avoid unnecessary scholarly jargon and debate, and to focus on the meaning of Exodus and Leviticus. His writing is accessible and lucid, and his work here will greatly benefit everyone's knowledge of the biblical text (yes, even scholars).
Customer Reviews for Exodus and Leviticus for Everyone - eBook
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