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Customer Reviews for Zondervan The Case for Christ, 10 Copies

Zondervan The Case for Christ, 10 Copies

If you were a journalist, how would you investigate the hottest news story in history? Join award-winning reporter Strobel as he probes the life of Jesus Christ. Interviewing 13 of the country's top Christian scholars, he ferrets out incontestable historical, scientific, and psychiatric evidence to support the claims of Jesus. A unique approach to apologetics! 297 pages in softcover from Zondervan. Contents include: Part 1 Examining the Record - Can the Biographies of Jesus be Trusted? Do the Biographies of Jesus Stand up to the Scrutiny? Were Jesus' Biographies Reliably Preserved for Us? Is there Credible Evidence for Jesus outside His Biographies? Does Archaeology Confirm or Contradict Jesus' Biographies? Is the Jesus of History the same Jesus of Faith? Part 2 Analyzing Jesus - Was Jesus really convinced that He was the Son of God? Was Jesus Crazy when He claimed to be the Son of God? Did Jesus Fulfill the Attributes of God? Did Jesus - and Jesus Alone - Match the Identy of the Messiah? Part 3 Researching the Resurrection - Was Jesus' death a Sham and his resurrection a hoax? Was Jesus' body really absent from His tomb? Was Jesus seen alive after His death on the Cross? Are there any supporting facts that point to the Resurrection? Conclusion - The Verdit of History - What does the evidence establish and what does it mean today?
Customer Reviews for The Case for Christ, 10 Copies
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