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Customer Reviews for Frontline Recession-Proof Living: Practical life principles for thriving in uncertain times - eBook

Frontline Recession-Proof Living: Practical life principles for thriving in uncertain times - eBook

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Customer Reviews for Recession-Proof Living: Practical life principles for thriving in uncertain times - eBook
Review 1 for Recession-Proof Living: Practical life principles for thriving in uncertain times - eBook
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God keeps his promises if you follow His Word.

Date:November 24, 2011
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stan the man
Location:Lake Forest, CA
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“Recession Proof Living” is an amazing book. It is about relationships; Bill Wiese’s relationship with God and his relationship with people. There are dozens of stories to back up his experiences and hundreds of biblical references to explain his decisions based on God’s word. In Bill Wiese’s first book, “23 Minutes in Hell” he asks the question, “Why should you believe in the Bible” and then goes on in the next six pages to explain why the Bible is the Word of God. The author makes a strong endorsement for reading, studying and following the Word of God. Again from his first book he makes these comments. “I have known the Lord and lived by His Word for more than thirty-five years. In all that time, He has always provided for my needs, has helped me avoid many of life’s difficulties, and has resolved every problem I encountered. If I told you how blessed I have been, you would probably think I was either exaggerating or boasting or was, perhaps, delusional. So I will refrain from such remarks. The point is this: if you live by His Word, He is faithful to keep His promises. I say this with all seriousness.”
When we think of a recession, we picture an economic downturn and thus the title of this book “Recession Proof Living” may draw your attention to financial security. However, the word recession also means “the act of receding or withdrawal.” The life lessons from the author’s experience and the related scriptures offer a strong inducement to avoid a “spiritual recession” or back sliding in your faith. The back cover of the book describes the content in more detail. The comments that you can achieve spiritual, financial, and physical success by following biblical principles are described by true stories and related biblical references which make a strong recommendation for reading this book. However, the strongest recommendation for reading this book is from Bill Wiese’s comments made five years ago in his book, 23 Minutes in Hell. “If you live by His Word, He is faithful to keep his promises.”
There are so many examples and scriptures in this book to aid a person to live a Godly life it is difficult to name a favorite. Thinking through what would be the most interesting or most rewarding of the scriptures highlighted in this book it would depend on the individual. Since we are all different and have different values there probably is no simple answer. Most people know about God but not many truly know God. The last chapter of this book, “The God Many Don’t Know,” does an excellent job in teaching us about the God we serve, how to avoid the pitfalls of life and how to receive his blessing. Chapter 17, “The Fear of God,” describes the nature of our awesome God.
Understanding the many concepts and words used to describe God will help you to get to know Him. Fear, anger, and vengeance are powerful words but so are love, holiness, and righteousness. In this chapter the author explains how these and many other descriptive words are about an almighty God of infinite power who loves and cares for His children.
Throughout this book we see the humility and integrity of the author. I feel this adds to our understanding and interest of the message that God is involved in every facet of our life. To be successful all we have to do is obey God. In Chapter 11, “A Pilot’s Checklist,” Bill Wiese presents a list of biblical verses used in a self examination of our walk with God or how to follow God by using His teaching. Appendix A has another five dozen verses to help you with this evaluation. Other chapters of the book include teachings on Faith, Wisdom, Test and Trials of Life, Humility, Strife, God’s Blessings and much more. There are so many scriptural messages that it is impossible to review them all in this brief review. However, the story examples and biblical verses are helpful in developing the character needed to be successful in life and obedient to God. Bill Wiese reminds us that prosperity is meaningless without our soul being saved. “To achieve great wealth and even enjoy a healthy life is but nothing when compared to the destination of our eternal soul.” Jesus said in Matthew 16:26, “For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?”
This is a must read book. It will help students, new believers and mature Christians in their study of the bible. More important, the biblical teachings presented by the author are an encouragement for all believers for having God involved in every area of their lives. Based on this message I would give this book a five star rating.
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