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Destiny Image The Day of the Saints

What is the next event on God's timetable? Though many feel it is the rapture Dr. Bill Hamon argues, compellingly, that a major restoration of the church is next, one that will prepare the church to reign with Christ when he comes, and one that must precede Christ's return.

If he is right, one of the main tasks is to determine just what it is that must be restored in the church, and to work to bring that restoration about through the Spirit. And that is part of why Hamon wrote this book. He looks at the overall history of the church, from its inception to its ultimate destination, with an eye to seeing how God has moved in restorative ways in church history, and how He might move in our time.

As Hamon states in the introduction, he seeks in this book to "describe the character, principles, ministry to be manifest, and work the Day of the Saints is to accomplish in God's progressive restoration process." He is confident that a time period he terms the Day of the Saints is the next event (or time frame) on God's timeline, and offers valuable information for the whole church on how best to participate in that event. He also offers practical insight for every believer, along with biblical direction, aided by Hamon's extensive prophetic giftings.

Some of what Hamon has to say pertains to the fivefold ministers appointed by Christ (apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers) and how they are to equip the Saints (or believers) to colabor with and for Christ. Most, however, deals with information pertinent to all Christians, and the maturity that they must attain to in order to facilitate the proper accomplishment of the ultimate purpose of the Day of the Saints. There are also chapters looking at how Saints can operate as ministers of God in the marketplace (business) and in government, and the supernatural giftings and abilities that God will manifest through them.

Who is this book for? All believers will benefit from it, but as Hamon reminds us in the introduction, it will most benefit "those who are 100 percent committed to glorify Christ, overcome all things, reap the great harvest, and see God's Kingdom come and His will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven." Join Hamon in looking forward to these things on this Earth, and to the time "when the Saints take the Kingdom and establish God's glory throughout God's new Earth."
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Date:May 23, 2009
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Jake Morgason
This book is way off biblically. I was caught up in the so called prophetic movement and even received visions now that i recognize came from the Evil one. Since I has my biblical view a true prophet must always be 100% right on what they prophesy. Please read Matthew 24:24
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