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Westminster John Knox Press Life in Biblical Israel

Stunning color photographs, graphic illustrations, and lively text offer a vivid description of everyday life in ancient Israel. Based on the most up-to-date research, this magnificent volume covers such topics as domestic and work life, cultural expression, and religious practice. An ideal resource for students, scholars, and interested laypeople. 400 pages, hardcover from Westminster/John Knox.
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Customer Reviews for Life in Biblical Israel
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4 out of 5

Date:September 11, 2004
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David Reid
I must say there are several very good things about this beautifully presented book, like its many excellent illustrations. A lot of work seems to have gone into it. Structurally it's well laid out, although one occasionally notices some overlap & repetition of material, presumably because it's a joint-effort,& both authors must have wanted to cover the ground from their individual angles. This is understandable & easily overlooked.However, as a Bible-believer I must say that at times I wanted to scream at the liberal approach to Scripture taken by the authors. If you're looking for deep insights into the living Word of God then this book is not for you. OK, there is factual, historical information galore but at times I wondered if even that could be trusted because of the amazing liberties taken regarding the inspiration of the Word, & the constant elevation of the thoughts of men above the clear statements of Scripture. It appears these very learned men have no comittment to the Bible being in any way the inspired Word of God, written through men. Without wanting to judge them, I had the impression they had no personal faith in the Lord, or His Word. Their approach throughout is that the Scriptures are simply a collection of ancient writings, reflecting contemporary views.For example, they seem to be quite comfortable that, "at one time child sacrifice was part of the official cult". What an insult to the character of our loving Father to whom such was "An abomination" which "never came into His mind". Or to take another example, "The account of the infamous "golden calf", fashioned by Aaron..., may have been intended as a subtle attack on Jeroboam I for setting up the bull cult in the Northern Kingdom". Thus written hundreds of years later and not by Moses. Too liberal for me, although I'll keep the book on my shelf for the good aspects. I couldn't sell it anyway-I've written large, indignant protests all over the outrageous bits!
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