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Customer Reviews for Westminster John Knox Press Ruth: Old Testament Library [OTL]

Westminster John Knox Press Ruth: Old Testament Library [OTL]

From the Preface: This commentary on the book of Ruth derives from my interest in Old Testament literature and theology. I have therefore read Ruth as a part of the Old Testament canon and emphasized the book's close relation to other women's narratives in the Old Testament. By placing Ruth in its intertextuality I seek to show the background against which the audience and readers of the time would have understood the book, as well as the social and political situations within which Ruth has functioned as a defense of the claims of David's family to the kingship. For a work of literature such as Ruth is not only great art but also a piece of Realpolitik. This version of the story of God's election of a family ancestress presents the convincing argument that it was through a foreign woman, the Moabite Ruth, that chose David and his family to sit on the throne of Israel.
Customer Reviews for Ruth: Old Testament Library [OTL]
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