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Customer Reviews for BJU Press BJU Geography Grade 9 Homeschool Kit (Third Edition)

BJU Press BJU Geography Grade 9 Homeschool Kit (Third Edition)

Your students will embark on a "grand tour" without ever leaving home with BJU Press' Cultural Geography kit. Each unit opens with a brief first-person account relating to the unit, as well as a short essay that emphasizes culture, geographic principles and important information about the region. Facts; margin boxes with intriguing information; boxes on the Christian perspective; map skills; charts and diagrams; bolded terms; section & chapter review; and terms to define, are included for an integrated look at the world's regions and people. Full color pages are filled with photographs and illustrations, providing a unique visualization of the vast span of cultures and countries across our globe.

This Kit Includes:

  • Teachers Edition with CD-ROM
  • Student Text
  • Student Activities manual
  • Teacher Student Activities Answer Key
  • Tests
  • Test answer key

    This resource is also known as Bob Jones Geography Homeschool Kit, Grade 9, 3rd Edition.

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    Date:December 16, 2013
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    Location:Owosso, MI
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    I'll start with the good points. I rated this product average quality because the materials do not 'fall apart' with daily use as some other publisher's products do. The other good point is that it incorporates a scriptural worldview nicely and gives a simple and thorough enough explanation of political and governmental terms for my highschooler to understand the current news broadcast. (ex. what GDP & NAFTA are, etc.). The one star is for the following reasons: 1. Too may errors make working with it extremely frustrating. You'll have to pull up the 3 pages of corrections from the publishers website and print it off and keep it with the TE for regular reference. 2. Much of the interesting biblical worldview info is mentioned only in the notes of the TE so unless you have time to teach it thoroughly, they will miss out on good stuff. 3. Too many of the questions are subjective. Great for classroom discussion. Useless and time-consuming for independent homeschoolers. (I have to sift through them and determine which ones should be done.) 4. To utilize all the materials, you also need atlases, maps, globes etc. Not mentioned prior to purchase. (So, in other words, you're paying for unusable products.) I was told this product was all inclusive-(nothing additional required for use). 5. The 'critical thinking' element of this curriculum makes it frustrating. For example, (objective) questions are asked for which no answers are offered in the text. 6. Test questions are given which are mentioned in neither Chapter Review, nor Section Quiz areas. If I put a test question in as an example, they probably wouldn't publish my review so I won't do that. But I will say that not only was the 'fact' (ie objective question) not mentioned or questioned in any area of review, the 'answer' in the student text book was not even stated. There is therefore NO POSSIBILITY of the student getting a correct answer to that question. 7. One assignment has the student locating New Guinea while directing him to "use the glossary and the many maps" scattered throughout the 598 paged textbook. The assignment is given in chapter 2 entitled 'The Earth's Surface and Climate'. In order to find it, the student must first already know where it is in order to know what map to look at. After discovering which continent it's on/near, he must look through 2-3 chapters of text maps to see if he can find it. I thought a 'geography' curriculum would take an area of geography and then teach the student the names of continents, countries, capitals, cities, rivers, mountains, deserts, etc. We are through chapter 4 and haven't come to any of that. (Maybe we will eventually.) I was going to wait till I finished the curriculum to write my review, but there's enough already to have formed my opinion. BOTTOM LINE: ANY CURRICULUM THAT I HAVE TO MONITOR AND MODIFY THAT MUCH IS NOT VALUABLE TO ME IF I CANNOT USE IT ACCORDING TO THE PUBLISHERS GUIDELINES. This is a good reader. Nothing more.
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