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Customer Reviews for Zondervan Picking Dandelions: A Search for Eden Among Life's Weeds - eBook

Zondervan Picking Dandelions: A Search for Eden Among Life's Weeds - eBook

In Picking Dandelions, Sarah Cunningham explains how finding her Christian faith gradually and slowly, rather than through a weeping, born-again conversion, can make it difficult to understand how faith changes life, and even harder to grasp why it must. Cunningham, a middle-class girl who grew up in the Michigan countryside, speaks about God with humor and honesty in her witty and touching memoir. Whether recounting her life as a child living next to a cemetery, or her grandmother's life as a WWII bride from England, Cunningham weaves stories of faith into down-to-earth metaphors of growth and renewal, planting and reaping, greenery and weeds. In the end, Sarah succeeds in sifting through the dysfunctions and flaws of human life by revealing pockets of God's original Eden for all to discover.
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Customer Reviews for Picking Dandelions: A Search for Eden Among Life's Weeds - eBook
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Date:March 18, 2010
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Andrea Schultz
Picking Dandelions is Sarahs memoir of her life, beginning as a pastors kid in Pittsburgh & MI. She shares with us her journeys through life, including missions trip after the Twin Towers came down in NYC, etc Here are her reflections on how life changed after 9/11:But, for the moment, in the skeleton of life left in the tower rubble, everyone had the time to reflect about life. We had, as a generation, been detached from the comfort of our past in just one day. And now we were drifting, fallen seeds learning to grow in even lifes hardest soil. (p. 118) Toward the end of the book, Sarah concludes that Eden is achievable on this planet:The details of the kingdom as laid out in the Sermon on the Mount and the other books of the Bible became the garden layout I had been looking for. They were the master guidelines that outlined where to remain planted, how to source myself, and how to grow. And I knew as I practiced these things I would not be changed in one conversion moment, but rather I would change like my grandmother did when she came to this country. Gradually, as I slowly weeded out old ways and adopted new ways, I would be naturalized to a new way of life and begin to understand my role as a subject of the king. (p. 218)I came away from Picking Dandelions with a fresh perspective on my faith based on Sarah sharing her life. As I expected, I found Sarah to be compassionate, empathetic and kind not to mention very funny! Shes not afraid to share her struggles with pride, hatred & self-righteousness; her heart for Jesus is very evident above all else. She's a very gifted & talented wordsmith. It's one of the best books I've ever read! I was so touched by her heart in this book. She is now a 30-something, but the truths in this book can be applied by people of any age. This book was provided to me by Sarah for review purposes. Ponderings by Andrea
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