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Customer Reviews for Wiley-Blackwell Science and Religion: A New Introduction - eBook

Wiley-Blackwell Science and Religion: A New Introduction - eBook

Now in its second edition and thoroughly updated to reflect the latest developments in the most critical issues this widely-used textbook Science and Religion introduces readers to the pivotal questions fueling the often heated debate between science and religion. Ideally suited to those who have little or no prior knowledge in either area, it incorporates numerous student-friendly features, including maps, summaries, and historical references, resulting in the most up-to-date introduction to the study of religion and the natural sciences available.

Author Alister McGrath, a recognized expert in Theology, History, and Science leads readers through the landmark historical dates in the relationship between Science and Religion, the general themes that have emerged from that relationship, contemporary debates, and through the work of leading scholars who have attempted to integrate the fields or establish the supremacy of one field over the other (e.g. Scientific atheism). Throughout, McGrath is fair and representative and though he himself is a confessing orthodox Christian he never lapses into the truncation of differing views.

Summary of Main Features
  • Examines the historical, theological, philosophical and scientific aspects of the interaction between religion and science
  • Fully updated to reflect current, cutting-edge debates on scientific atheism and the limits of scientific method, and discussions about the relationship between science and religion in major world faiths
  • Includes a historical component to enable readers to orientate themselves within the subject
  • Takes a topic based approach which fits into the existing structure of most courses, and includes explanatory material not found in other works of this kind, making it highly accessible for those with little scientific or religious background knowledge
  • Incorporates illustrations, tables, maps, summaries and questions for a lively and engaging approach to the subject
  • Written by world-renowned theologian, Alister McGrath; author of bestselling books such as Dawkins' God, and an acknowledged expert in the field of science and religion
Customer Reviews for Science and Religion: A New Introduction - eBook
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