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Customer Reviews for Thomas Nelson Breaking the Da Vinci Code

Thomas Nelson Breaking the Da Vinci Code

The identity of Mary Magdalene; her role among the followers of Jesus; the assembling of the New Testament; the validity of the so-called 'gnostic gospels': these and many other questions have been raised by Dan Brown's bestseller, and are still confusing readers of his book. This book addresses these questions and more in a methodical style, revealing the true nature of the worldview behind the novel and the agenda it contains. Bock, with a Ph. D. in New Testament studies, shines the light of Truth, and the reader can watch the claims of the novel shrivel. This is not just another in the pile of anti-Da Vinci Code books, as the author has a deep understanding of the elements that he covers, and readers can be confident that they are getting expert-level refutation of this attack on Christianity's truth claims.
Customer Reviews for Breaking the Da Vinci Code
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