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Customer Reviews for My Healthy Church Faith Case: Investigating the Truth

My Healthy Church Faith Case: Investigating the Truth

In Faith Case: Investigating the Truth, your kids turn into investigators who join the bumbling, lollipop-eating Mr. Trench and capable, no-nonsense Commissioner in the search for Faith Facts. Along the journey of 12 lessons, children discover what they believe and why. Sessions include:

The Bible: The Bible is God's Word and His Plan for Me
One True God: There is one true God.
Trinity: There is one true God. God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are one. Jesus is God's Son.
Salvation: Jesus is God's Son. Everyone has sinned. I can be a Christian because Jesus died for me.
Water Baptism & Communion: I obey and remember Jesus when I take Communion and am baptized in water.
The Holy Spirit: The baptism in the Holy Spirit is God's gift to me.
Baptism in the Holy Spirit: When I am baptized in the Holy Spirit, I will speak in tongues.
Sanctification: With God's help, I can become more like Jesus.
The Church: God uses the Church to do His work. God uses spiritual leaders to help me grow.
Healing: God heals.
End Times: Jesus is coming soon. For a thousand years, Jesus will lead a time of peace on earth.
Sharing Faith: Those who do not follow Jesus will be separated from God forever. Those who follow Jesus will live with God forever.

Faith Case is a DVD-driven Children's Church curriculum that unlocks faith in kids' hearts. Designed for today's media savvy kids aged 5 - 12, Faith Case videos engage kids while getting to the heart of God's Word building their knowledge of God and the Bible. The Faith Case website offers leaders worship videos, engaging investigative style lesson videos, activities, games and much more. Kids are given a secret password to use on the Faith Case website at home to watch video updates, share a family devotion, or do an activity that reinforces Sunday's lesson and gets parents involved too.

The kit has everything you need:
  • Lead Investigator Guide (only 1 leader needed to effectively run the curriculum!)
  • 3 DVDs and a CD-ROM
  • Metal Briefcase
  • 2 sets Investigating Truth Teaching Cards (8" x 11)
  • 5 Top Secret Faith Case Folders
  • 2 Faith Facts Posters
  • Bible Doctrines revised 75th anniversary, by P. C. Nelson (SKU: 438581)
For video samples, please see Faith Case - The Beatitudes (SKU: 310365) or Faith Case: Fruit of the Spirit (SKU: 310013).
Customer Reviews for Faith Case: Investigating the Truth
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