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SaltRiver Shedding Light on His Dark Materials:

Like his fellow Oxford residents J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis, Philip Pullman brings fascinating new worlds to life in his best-selling fantasy series. Yet the differences between his universe and those of Tolkien and Lewis are stark. In His Dark Materials, people and angels are spun from cosmic Dust rather than fashioned by a personal Creator. Rebels and dissenters lead the fight against the tyrannical "Authority" and his truth-suppressing church. Bruner and Ware, authors of the best-selling Finding God in The Lord of the Rings, reflect on the deeper themes and characters of this popular series while offering reasoned responses to the charges Pullman levels against Christianity. They also uncover spiritual themes within the books, which, like shafts of light, break through an otherwise gloomy universe, despite Pullman's best efforts to keep them out. In the end, the authors argue that Pullman offers an unwitting tribute to the God he intended to discredit.

Kurt Bruner is a graduate of Talbot Seminary and author of books with combined sales of over 400,000 copies, including The Divine Drama, Finding God in The Lord of the Rings, Inklings of God and I Still Believe..

Jim Ware is a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary.

Customer Reviews for Shedding Light on His Dark Materials:
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