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Customer Reviews for Metaformation, Inc. Maximum Faith: Live Like Jesus

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Metaformation, Inc. Maximum Faith: Live Like Jesus

Every person is on a spiritual journey of some sort. The value of the new research, according to Barna, is that most people who consider themselves to be Christian, regardless of their level of spiritual maturity, are entangled in more of a circular journey than a consistently progressive route. While the journey orchestrated by God is not always strictly linear, it has discernible destination points along the way, and a clearly identifiable end point that followers of Christ may partner with the Holy Spirit to reach before they die. Barna's research shows that most Christians get stuck at "saved." The reason: we take the "free gift" of salvation, but fail to pay the price that enables us to experience a deeper, genuine transformation and live like Jesus.

In Maximum Faith, you'll discover how God transforms people's lives. You'll gain practical insights into how you can experience everything that God has in mind for you. If you sometimes wonder, "is this all there is?" "Did Jesus die for me just so that I could live this mundane life?"--then Maximum Faith has the answers you're looking for.
Customer Reviews for Maximum Faith: Live Like Jesus
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