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Zondervan Forever: Why You Can't Live Without It

Is this all you're living for? For years, pastor Paul Tripp understood we were 'hardwired for forever.' But he didn't understand that it was more than a valuable insight. It is a practical tool to help us face the disappointment of everyday life. Now he knows, and he can help you discover how to survive and thrive in the middle of your story, with the final chapter of heaven in view.

Instead of embracing the world's motto---'you only live once'---follow Tripp as he unpacks the biblical truth of the world as a broken place, longing for a second chance. And come alive as you discover the meaning and redemption all this brokenness can bring to your life today. With practical insights on how eternity impacts your relationships, your job, your kids, and your deepest struggles, you'll be encouraged to relax into the eternal story God is writing for you. You really are hardwired for eternity, and this book reveals how you can begin to view all that happens in your life as preparation for Forever.
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Another Practical & Useful book from Tripp

Date:October 18, 2011
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Pastor Dan
Location:Wichita, KS
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Paul Tripp again delivers a book that is not only readable but it is highly relevant to our culture today. We are a culture that is motivated to cram as much into our day as possible and if necessary go to work. We work so that we have the money to do the things that we really want to do.
But as our culture gets more involved we are finding that the soccer moms are more stressed out than ever. They spend their day, cleaning, doing laundry, taking the kids to school, soccer practice, ballet lessons, piano lessons, after school events, church events and then family events. By the end of the day or the end of the week everyone falls into bed totally exhausted to grab a few hours sleep before starting the routine again.
Why do we do that?
In “Forever” Tripp is trying to help us sort out why we do what we do and what is the meaning of life for each of us. He believes that Christians have especially lost sight of ‘Forever.’ We are supposed to live our lives with the hope of Eternity in our hearts. If that is true why don’t we slow down enough to look at our lives and ask this question, “What impact does this event have on eternity?”
Now granted some events have little or no impact on eternity yet God is happy we do them because they bring joy to our present life. But often times we strive to gain more money to buy more things to impress more people when with eternity in mind they have no impact on our Eternal Life.
Many people today are seeing counselors because they can’t say no. Or they don’t see any value in their lives.
Dr. Tripp wants us to stop and ask this question, “What did God have in mind for us when he planted the hope of Eternity in our hearts?” Wasn’t it to give us some perspective of what value we ought to place on present day activities?
My favorite chapters in his book were;
Chapter 2, “The Pack-it-all-in Mentality”
Chapter 7, “Hope Can’t Live Without Forever”
Chapter 8, “Suffering is Harder When You Have No Forever”
Chapter 9, “Forever and Your Relationships”
For me the most impacting was Chapter 8, “Suffering is Harder When You Have No Forever.” I think Dr. Tripp does a great job of helping us to understand why bad things happen to good people and then to further understand why some people handle suffering better than others. With the hope of “Forever” in your heart you can see that present day suffering pales in comparison to our Eternal Future with the Lord. It helps us to have a different outlook on life.
This book is going to be one of the best tools you can put in your library to help you in processing today’s hectic lifestyle with our hope for the future.
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