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Customer Reviews for Zondervan The Best-Kept Secret of Christian Mission: Promoting the Gospel with More Than Our Lips

Zondervan The Best-Kept Secret of Christian Mission: Promoting the Gospel with More Than Our Lips

This book comes out of years of reflection, failures, and some successes in the task of reaching out to others with the gospel. Many Christians think of the task of mission as an entirely verbal activity, when perhaps the best kept secret of New Testament teaching about mission is that it involves a whole range of activities that explicitly promote Christ to the world and draw others to him, and only a few of them involve speaking.

Without diminishing or downplaying the importance of speaking the gospel, John Dickson shows that, on the other hand, downplaying the range of activities that promote Christ to the world has its own set of problems. It can make those who are not confident about speaking---of anything, let alone Jesus---feel inadequate and self-conscious in the task of reaching out to others. Equally, it can make those who do have a flair for speaking feel as though they are fulfilling Christ's mission just by talking.

But the reality is that the Lord wants our whole life, not just our lips, in the task of bringing the gospel to the world. Every facet of our lives can be used by God to promote the news of his power and mercy. In this practical guide to the biblical art of sharing your faith, John Dickson offers refreshing insight into the ways that all Christians can and should be involved in spreading the good news of Jesus. While not all Christians are called and gifted to become evangelists, we are all called to promote the gospel through a wide range of activities---prayer, financial partnership, good deeds, godly lives, public worship, daily conversation, etc.---with and without our lips.

As readers engage with this book, grapple with its arguments and hear the stories of people coming to faith, they will be inspired to see the whole of life as significant for bringing the gospel to the world, and they will be liberated out of guilt and self-consciousness in evangelism into becoming perfectly natural promoters of Jesus Christ.
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Customer Reviews for The Best-Kept Secret of Christian Mission: Promoting the Gospel with More Than Our Lips
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Date:August 19, 2010
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Martin Pitcher
Let me start out by saying that it is an easy read at 218 pages, with a font that is very comfortable to read with or without my glasses on. The flow is wonderful and makes for enjoyable reading. The book itself is a page-turner and I have had trouble putting it down.There is so much that I could say about this book, but I have chosen to limit myself to comment on two chapters in particular.Let me start with chapter two, The Many and the One: The Challenge of Pluralism. I find that the author does a tremendous job of explaining pluralism in an easy to understand way. He gives a clear, concise, two-part definition of this issue, having divided it into popular and sophisticated pluralism.Finally, I want to spend time speaking to chapter eight, What Is the Gospel? The Message We Promote. It is a rare thing to have someone give a clear focus on exactly what the gospel is. Mr. Dickson does not lets us down, as this is the longest of all the chapters. In this chapter, he takes us to various passages of Scripture in order to give a precise presentation of the Gospel message. Studying this chapter will pay huge dividends as you go forth and present the message of salvation. For those who teach and preach, I would recommend looking carefully at how Mr. Dickson uses the expository method in his writing. There is much fruit to be harvested from the example he has set forth here. If for no other reason, all who preach or teach the Word should learn exposition as the author has. What a delight!This is a fantastic look at what it means to be on mission, to do mission, to live out our mission. Get the book. Read the book. Study it with your Bible in hand, looking up each passage. Pray as you learn what mission is. You will not find a better book on the subject outside of the Scriptures.
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