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Zondervan Breach of Promise/Presumed Guilty

A compilation of two bestselling novels by former trial lawyer and bestselling author James Scott Bell come together under one cover.

In Breach of Promise, actor and father Mark Gillen finds out how far modern courts will go to keep a child from a parent who has strong Christian views. Forged in the darkest valley he has ever walked through, Mark's faith in God may ultimately cost him everything in the eyes of the family law system. But it is the one thing that can keep him sane-and give him the strength to fight against all odds for what matters most.

In Presumed Guilty, Dallas Hamilton's perfect world is torn apart when her husband, a rising superstar in the evangelical world, is arrested for the murder of a porn star. With the noose tightening around her husband's neck, Hamilton faces a choice: believe the seemingly irrefutable facts-or the voice of her heart. The press has already reached its verdict, and the public echoes it. But Dallas is determined to do whatever it takes to find the truth . and then a dark secret from Dallas's past threatens to take them all down.

Customer Reviews for Breach of Promise/Presumed Guilty
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