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Kregel Publications Homosexuality

Did past societies accept and condone homosexual relationships? This thorough study of homosexuality defines and answers today's questions using the Bible, Jewish intertestamental literature, and information from ancient cultures.

A new orthodoxy is being proclaimed in some church circles: "One can be a practicing homosexual and an authentic Christian." Basic to this position is the argument that ancient cultures and the Bible did not condemn homosexuality as a condition nor as a lifestyle. It asserted that:

  • homosexuality was generally accepted by the ancients, including Plato
  • homosexuality was not the sin that doomed Sodom
  • the Old Testament honors the love of David and Jonathan
  • Since Jesus did not condemn same gender sexuality, we shouldn't either
  • Paul's words about homosexuality were either uninformed or a rhetorical ploy to arouse Anti-Gentile sentiment
  • New Testament writers couldn't have conceived of today's mutual committed relationship

  • Dr. James De Young interacts with the modern apologists for Christian and societal acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle. He examines their positions honestly and answers them based on sound reasoning and a thorough review of the ancient source materials. Each chapter personalizes and illustrates its main points with a fictional story based on archaeological and literary evidence. Here is a gentle but unequivocal guide for all who want to face the homosexuality issue honestly.
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    Customer Reviews for Homosexuality
    Review 1 for Homosexuality
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    Date:May 25, 2007
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    I am sorry but this book is absolutely offensive. It was just a "rationalization" for those who want to "practice" this type of lifestyle.
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    Review 2 for Homosexuality
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    Date:May 1, 2007
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    Harry P.
    Contrary to the first comment, Dr. DeYoung does deal with many aspects of scripture, which, by definition, requires matching scripture against scripture (which the commentor called "rationalizing") and then shows, or misleads potential readers, by referencing Jude 1:7. The Greek words in that scripture, generally translated "strange flesh" are "Heteros" (meaning "different kind") and "sarks" (meaning "flesh"). Most folks recognize "hetero-sexual" as people that are attracted to a different gender. A reading of the Sodom story indicates that Lot's daughters were offered (something for a different conversation) to the men at his door. The Sodom passage clearly indicates that the angels appeared as male. A wild stretch would be that the rioters knew that the "men" were angels and desired to "know" them - calling for the Jude passage using "strange" in its translation but this seems highly unlikely seeking the truth. Nevertheless, the facts recorded in scripture are that men desired to have relations with men.The commentor does forget to mention many things, such as the fact that Paul actually created more than 100 words (126, if I remember correctly) in his writings and his use of the Old Testament (which includes referencing the Septuagint for Greek references) some which his Greek speaking audience would understand as meaning men with men, or women with women.
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    Review 3 for Homosexuality
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    Date:February 6, 2007
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    Sandra T.
    I thought this book might have some real answers, but it's nothing but rationalization. He even tries to rationalize Scripture, but doesn't even take on verses like Jude 7 which blows his whole argument away! Don't waste your time or your money.
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