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NavPress Moments for Singles

As a single, you know all about the "marriage penalty" --and it has noting to do with taxes. Well-meaning but misguided advice, feeling left out, the nagging questions and doubt--they all make it seem like there's a penalty for not being married. Leigh McLeroy offers other singles longing to be married some hope and encouragement. Sincere and heartfelt, these devotionals explore issues of forgiveness and healing and challenge readers to live vulnerable, purposeful lives before God. Whether never married or newly divorced, you know all about being single in a couples world. For you, most advice comes from those who don't really understand what it's like to long to be married. Leigh MeLeroy writes honestly from the midst of her own struggles. She has come to learn that the happiest, most satisfied mena nd women are not defined by the presence or absence of a mate. They are defined by their relationship with God. Moments for Singles explores the issues that matter most to you. These devotionals offer hope, healing and encouragement so you can get the most out of your itme as a single. Even if it is a couple's world.
Customer Reviews for Moments for Singles
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